Climb chat! With Alex Honnold, Mark Synnott, and Jimmy Chin

National Geographic put together this sweet 25 minute talk with super climbers Alex Honnold, Mark Synnott, and photographer Jimmy Chin. They discuss climbing in exotic locales. I recommend putting it on in the background while you do other things. It’s like a rad podcast that comes with a video you can ignore.

A Short History of the Bicycle

James Macdonald made it his mission to collect one bicycle from each developmental epoch. Here he gives us a run down of how our two-wheeled toys began and turned into what we ride today. James loves bikes, and it’s infectious. We should all aspire to enjoy a simple afternoon bike ride as much as him. Sadly, the delightful James has since passed away. I only hope that his collection will be used as he intended: to inspire and educate future generations of bicycle lovers.

Try Not to Cry as this Paraplegic Dad Climbs a Mountain and Inspires his Son

The Climb tells the story of paraplegic Luca Galimberti as he takes on Monte Rosa mountain, a 12000 ft peak, in a cross-country sledge. This one socks you right in the heart. Don’t watch it at work if you don’t want anyone to see you cry. Or maybe watch it at work and cry in front of everyone. Real mountain men and women don’t hide their emotions.

Surfing Powder on Bindingless Snowboards

You could try to surf waves every day and chase that endless summer, but airfare is expensive. Snow seems like a good substitute. Ocean water, frozen water. Same thing, right? I have no idea how you don’t fall off these bindingless snowboards, but they do look fun.

Go to 1:07 to skip the intro and get right to the snowsurfing.

Crazy Paraskier Shreds Land, Air, and Defies All Odds to Not Die

Holy cow these guys are going fast. They’re nuts. By that I mean, both good at what they’re doing, and crazy. I predict the next step in this evolution is wingsuit BASE jumping with skis and no parachute. You jump off a cliff, glide down a slope, and then seamlessly transition into skiing.

As awesome as these guys are to watch, I think a video of someone’s first day paraskiing would be just as entertaining, but in a different way.

How Wolves Change Rivers

I never knew wolves were such environmentalists. This video explains how reintroducing wolves into Yellowstone caused trees, birds, bears, rivers and everything else to flourish. Everything but deer are better off with wolves. It sounds like killing all the stupid deer would’ve brought the same results, but then they wouldn’t have all those cool wolves.

Audio from George Monbiot’s TED talk, “For More Wonder, Rewild the World.”

The Ol’ Swedish Fire Torch

Yep, the ol’ swedish fire torch. A neat trick to make a campfire from one log, aka the Canadian candle, aka the one log stove, aka the Kansas City flamethrower, aka the Tennessee Tiki Torch, aka the Mississippi match stick, aka the Louisiana lighter, aka the Florida fire wood, aka the Rhode Island red-head, aka the Alabama bunsen burner. A few of those were real names for this.

Bonus: This guy’s voice sounds like Seth Galifianakis.

Cool Outlaw BASE Jumps Off Whistler Gondola

Canadian mounties are searching for this man, who busted open a Whistler gondola and BASE jumped off. If you ask me, the only crimes he committed were being too rad, and destruction of private property. The stunt was an homage to the late Shane McConkey. McConkey BASE jumped off the roof of Whistler gondola in 2008 with the resort’s consent. The lesson here is always ask permission before you BASE jump off a chair lift. Or maybe the lesson is you can BASE jump off a chair lift and get away with it. I’m going to wait and see if they catch him before I decide for sure.