‘Shred All Fear’ Climb Rocks and Shred on Electric Guitars

Most climbing videos stress epic struggles and amazing achievements. V19 boulder problems get sent after a year of hard work. Huge mountains are summited after treacherous adventures full of near-death experiences. I love that stuff, but I don’t relate to it. I climb to have fun. The guys in this video are the Chris Sharma and Adam Ondra of having fun in the mountains. They call their pantomime cover band Shred All Fears, and they put the rock in rock and roll.

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Kevin Corrigan

Founding Editor at Maximum Wilderness
Kevin is a a rock climber, outdoors lover and comedian. He started the website you're on right now! The first time Kevin went backpacking, a bear pulled his food up a dam by a rope and ate all of it. Since then, Kevin has become much better at outsmarting bears.
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