16 Awesome Ice Beards

While the ski slopes out west are desperate for snow, the Northeast just got hit by a blizzard. In honor of the storm, which The Weather Channel has probably named Thor, or Ragnbjorg, or something else Scandinavian, I’ve compiled a list of amazing frozen beards. I love ice beards. They’re the natural consequence of growing a beard and then having fun. They form naturally while skiing, climbing, or just being outside during a snowstorm. Here are 16 awesome ice beards.

More icy (frozen) beard maddness in eastern Turkey [EXPLORED]
A true work of art. Notice how snow coats each individual hair.
(flickr: Robert Thomson)

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Ice Beard
Like snowflakes, no two ice beards are alike.
(flickr: Omnitronic)

Best yet
OK. This may be too good. He should go inside and sit by a fire. I’m concerned.
(flickr: Bret Haskins)

ice beards
Ice beard, meet ice mustache. If you kiss, you’ll be stuck together forever.
(flickr: Luke Guidici)

Another day, another ice beard
Ice goatee is all business.
(flickr: Thomas Lewis)

frozen beard
It’s spread to his head. Soon he will be consumed by snow.
(flickr: Richard Droker)

Ice beard
Where’d his face go? All I see is a camo jacket floating among the snow drifts.
(flickr: Kevin Noble)

Frozen beard in -23 degrees temperature near Gole, eastern Turkey
It’s like his beard was sculpted from a larger block of ice.
(flickr: Robert Thomson)

A business ice beard. Grown on the morning bike commute. Used to make deals. Whoever has the biggest ice beard wins the negotiation.
(flickr: Michael Lemberger)

Serious Ice Beard!
The longer your beard, the more snow it accumulates. Win/win.
(flickr: Eric)

London commuter
Small, but elegant.
(flickr: Mike King)

My beat snow/ice beard of the season, spring can now show up.
I found all that snow the western states are missing.
(flickr: Bigfo1)

Kevin Corrigan ice beard
I shamelessly included this because it’s me. I can do that because it’s my website.
(photo credit: Jake Swartz)

Snow beard
He’s excited because he has an ice beard. Obviously.
(flickr: Wes Hodgson)

Snow Beard
Wow. This ice beard could be in a Calvin Klein ad.
(flickr: Ryan Rombough)

By far the cutest ice beard. All those grizzled men are no competition.
(flickr: mumbus1004)

Title photo: Jake Swartz

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