Cool Outlaw BASE Jumps Off Whistler Gondola

Canadian mounties are searching for this man, who busted open a Whistler gondola and BASE jumped off. If you ask me, the only crimes he committed were being too rad, and destruction of private property. The stunt was an homage to the late Shane McConkey. McConkey BASE jumped off the roof of Whistler gondola in 2008 with the resort’s consent. The lesson here is always ask permission before you BASE jump off a chair lift. Or maybe the lesson is you can BASE jump off a chair lift and get away with it. I’m going to wait and see if they catch him before I decide for sure.

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Kevin Corrigan

Founding Editor at Maximum Wilderness
Kevin is a a rock climber, outdoors lover and comedian. He started the website you're on right now! The first time Kevin went backpacking, a bear pulled his food up a dam by a rope and ate all of it. Since then, Kevin has become much better at outsmarting bears.
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