The Ol’ Swedish Fire Torch

Yep, the ol’ swedish fire torch. A neat trick to make a campfire from one log, aka the Canadian candle, aka the one log stove, aka the Kansas City flamethrower, aka the Tennessee Tiki Torch, aka the Mississippi match stick, aka the Louisiana lighter, aka the Florida fire wood, aka the Rhode Island red-head, aka the Alabama bunsen burner. A few of those were real names for this.

Bonus: This guy’s voice sounds like Seth Galifianakis.

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Kevin Corrigan

Founding Editor at Maximum Wilderness
Kevin is a a rock climber, outdoors lover and comedian. He started the website you're on right now! The first time Kevin went backpacking, a bear pulled his food up a dam by a rope and ate all of it. Since then, Kevin has become much better at outsmarting bears.
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