Crazy Paraskier Shreds Land, Air, and Defies All Odds to Not Die

Holy cow these guys are going fast. They’re nuts. By that I mean, both good at what they’re doing, and crazy. I predict the next step in this evolution is wingsuit BASE jumping with skis and no parachute. You jump off a cliff, glide down a slope, and then seamlessly transition into skiing.

As awesome as these guys are to watch, I think a video of someone’s first day paraskiing would be just as entertaining, but in a different way.

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Kevin Corrigan

Founding Editor at Maximum Wilderness
Kevin is a a rock climber, outdoors lover and comedian. He started the website you're on right now! The first time Kevin went backpacking, a bear pulled his food up a dam by a rope and ate all of it. Since then, Kevin has become much better at outsmarting bears.
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