Try Not to Cry as this Paraplegic Dad Climbs a Mountain and Inspires his Son

The Climb tells the story of paraplegic┬áLuca Galimberti as he takes on Monte Rosa mountain, a 12000 ft peak, in a cross-country sledge. This one socks you right in the heart. Don’t watch it at work if you don’t want anyone to see you cry. Or maybe watch it at work and cry in front of everyone. Real mountain men and women don’t hide their emotions.

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Kevin Corrigan

Founding Editor at Maximum Wilderness
Kevin is a a rock climber, outdoors lover and comedian. He started the website you're on right now! The first time Kevin went backpacking, a bear pulled his food up a dam by a rope and ate all of it. Since then, Kevin has become much better at outsmarting bears.
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