16 Awesome Ice Beards

16 Awesome Ice Beards

While the ski slopes out west are desperate for snow, the Northeast just got hit by a blizzard. In honor of the storm, which The Weather Channel has probably named Thor, or Ragnbjorg, or something else Scandinavian, I’ve compiled a list of amazing frozen beards. I love ice beards. They’re the natural consequence of growing a beard and then having fun. They form naturally while skiing, climbing, or just being outside during a snowstorm. Here are 16 awesome ice beards.

More icy (frozen) beard maddness in eastern Turkey [EXPLORED]
A true work of art. Notice how snow coats each individual hair.
(flickr: Robert Thomson)

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‘Shred All Fear’ Climb Rocks and Shred on Electric Guitars

Most climbing videos stress epic struggles and amazing achievements. V19 boulder problems get sent after a year of hard work. Huge mountains are summited after treacherous adventures full of near-death experiences. I love that stuff, but I don’t relate to it. I climb to have fun. The guys in this video are the Chris Sharma and Adam Ondra of having fun in the mountains. They call their pantomime cover band Shred All Fears, and they put the rock in rock and roll.

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7 Fun Things You can do While You Wait for a Climbing Shoe Resole

7 Fun Things You can do While You Wait for a Climbing Shoe Resole

Climbing shoes are like dogs. They bring us so much joy, but we’re doomed to outlive them. It’s expensive to replace them. And then there’s a painful break-in period where they pee on the carpet/hurt your feet. You can add years to the life of your climbing shoes by getting them resoled. A climbing shoe resole costs less than half the price of new shoes. The only downside is that you have to live without your beloved shoes for a couple weeks after you ship them off for repair. Here are seven things you can do to keep yourself occupied while you wait.

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Naked Skiing and Snowboarding (nsfw)

Ski season is nearly upon us. Get psyched to be cold with this goosebump-inducing segment from Sweetgrass Productions’ Valhalla. If you can watch this video without thinking “I want to play!” then we couldn’t hang.

It’s Raining Mountain Bikers

These four Argentinian riders demonstrate why you maybe shouldn’t bomb down trails without checking them out first. Luckily none of them got too hurt. They’re laughing about it by the end of the video, so I don’t feel bad laughing at them. That’s a classic “oh shit” moment when they realize, mid-air, that they’re going over the fence.

Location: Chatel Mountain Bike Park in Chatel, France
Route: Black Shore