24-Hour Australian Mountain Bike Race for Crazy People

Welcome to the WEMBO World Solo 24-Hour Mountain Bike Championships. As the name implies, it’s a 24 hour mountain bike endurance race. Riders compete for overall distance by making loops around a trail. The course only has about 15 unique miles, so riders cross the same terrain over and over and over again until they die of boredom or 24 hours go by. At the end of 24 hours, the lunatic that has traveled the most circles wins. This goes firmly on my Awesome Things I Never Want To Do list. Endurance races are cool, but I’d lose my mind repeating the same track. I’d prefer something like: Everyone gets dropped in an Australian mountains. Whoever gets the furthest north in 24 hours wins.

Also, great beard on this guy.

High-Speed Mountain Bike Trail Dog

Kaia the trail dog burns up this mountain bike run faster than a human on wheels, and looks cuter doing it. The only thing that could make this video better, is if Kaia was wearing a cute, little doggie full-face helmet.

By Foxwood Films

It’s Raining Mountain Bikers

These four Argentinian riders demonstrate why you maybe shouldn’t bomb down trails without checking them out first. Luckily none of them got too hurt. They’re laughing about it by the end of the video, so I don’t feel bad laughing at them. That’s a classic “oh shit” moment when they realize, mid-air, that they’re going over the fence.

Location: Chatel Mountain Bike Park in Chatel, France
Route: Black Shore