How Wolves Change Rivers

I never knew wolves were such environmentalists. This video explains how reintroducing wolves into Yellowstone caused trees, birds, bears, rivers and everything else to flourish. Everything but deer are better off with wolves. It sounds like killing all the stupid deer would’ve brought the same results, but then they wouldn’t have all those cool wolves.

Audio from George Monbiot’s TED talk, “For More Wonder, Rewild the World.”

These Timelapses Reminded me that I want to Move to New Zealand

I think the six people who live in New Zealand might be pulling a fast one on the rest of us. Somehow they’ve convinced us all not to live there, and they get the whole two islands for themselves. New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. All I’m saying, is that I think it’s a little unfair that New Zealanders get all of New Zealand to themselves, and all we get is the rest of the world.

By Bevan Percival

DamNation: An Anti-Dam Dam-umentary

Since reading Edward Abbey’s Desert Solitaire, I’ve wondered how many amazing places we’ve drowned behind dams. What I didn’t know, is that many dams aren’t even in use. This documentary highlights the environmental damage caused by dams, and the fight to demolish them. Damn the dams. Give us back our wilderness.

More info at DamNation.

Tour Antarctica by Drone

Antarctica is an incredible, breathtaking place that guards its wonders by being inhospitable to all life. Furthermore, government regulations make it difficult to even set foot on the continent. Both of these things form what I call, “a huge bummer.” I really, really want to go Antarctica. For now I’ll settle for this. Using camera-mounted drones, Enrico Sacchetti shows us miles of alien Antarctic landscape. Many of these places humans will probably never set foot.

Dreamscapes: 15,000 Nature Photos in 32 Amazing Timelapses

An amazing collection of German landscape timelapses by photographer Jonathan Besler. I didn’t even know there was awesome nature in Germany. I guess I’ll have to add that to my list of places to check out, which at this point is most of the world. Also, 15,000 pictures!? Holy cow. That sounds like a lot of work. I’m glad someone made this video and that it was not me.

Keep Exploring: Three Weeks Backpacking in British Columbia Wilderness

Photographer Brice Portolano and filmmaker Mathieu Le Lay went off into the wilds of British Columbia on a three-week adventure and came back with this video. They split their time between Vancouver Island and the South Chilcotin Mountains. While these two are talented artists, I think it’d be challenge for anyone to take bad pictures of these places. That’s the secret to photography. If you go somewhere where everything is beautiful, then all your pictures will be, too.

Lion Cubs vs GoPro

They’re either checking it out because it’s a foreign object, or because they’ve been thinking about buying one to shoot BASE jumping videos.

Incredible Stars in the Darkest Skies in Chile

This video, shot over 12 days around the San Pedro de Atacama region of Northern Chile, features some of the most amazing night skies I’ve ever seen. It beats the hell out of what we get in New York City. On a good night in New York, we can see three stars.

From the video’s description:

The Atacama is well-known for what are arguably the cleanest, darkest skies on Earth. The dry air adds an extra transparency and this coupled with the altitude creates a night sky like no other. I visited at a time when Venus was situated quite close to the centre of the Milky Way; an astronomical event that only takes place every 8 years or so. I also timed my visit with the Autumn equinox which is a good time of year to capture Zodiacal light; the celestial phenomenon caused by sunlight scattering interplanetary space dust in the Zodiacal cloud. It stretches across the ecliptic and glows for a short while after sunset like a UFO beam and I was lucky enough to witness this every night I stepped out into the dark.

Check out Nicholas Buer’s other videos for even more crazy night skies.

64 Days in North America’s Most-Famous National Parks

In 2012, Sim Warren and Mia Xerri quit their jobs and embarked on a 64 day trip through North America’s most famous national parks. They logged more scenic vistas and animal sightings than many people will see in a lifetime. This film is the result. I need to find a job that offers 64 vacation days a year. Just look at what you can accomplish.

For more info check out Lakes and Pancakes, their blog covering the trip.