Just Watching Alex Honnold Free Solo this 5.12 Big Wall Makes me Nervous

Just watching this short clip of Alex Honnold soloing El Sendero Luminoso made my heart race. That is just straight down. Holy cow. That guy is nuts. Honnold is an eloquent dude, but man, he’s nuts. Thank God I’m not him. From now on, every morning I’m going to wake up and give thanks that I’m not Alex Honnold. Things could always be worse. I could be 1000 feet up a sheer rock wall, wondering how I got myself into this terrible situation. But no, it’s OK. I’m not Alex Honnold. I don’t spend hours on end in life-threatening danger. On purpose. All my problems are on the ground problems. They don’t accelerate at 9.8 m/s/s. Thank God I’m not Alex Honnold.

This clip is cool, though.