Crazy Paraskier Shreds Land, Air, and Defies All Odds to Not Die

Holy cow these guys are going fast. They’re nuts. By that I mean, both good at what they’re doing, and crazy. I predict the next step in this evolution is wingsuit BASE jumping with skis and no parachute. You jump off a cliff, glide down a slope, and then seamlessly transition into skiing.

As awesome as these guys are to watch, I think a video of someone’s first day paraskiing would be just as entertaining, but in a different way.

The 16 Ways to Carry Skis

With Colter Hinchliffe and Tim Durtschi‘s Guide to International Ski Carrying, you can learn all the different ways to carry skis. All 16 ways. Though truth be told, I’m not sure how accurately I counted the ways. I should have titled this post “Around 16 Ways to Carry Skis.” Regardless, it’s worth checking out to learn valuable ski-carrying techniques like the hobo, the decapitator and the pimp stick.

The Wallisch Project: 8 Minutes of Badass Freeskiing

In this video, skier Tom Wallisch seemingly goes off every jump and grinds every handrail in the country. It’s ironic that handrails were invented to make stairs safer, but skiers/skateboarders/bikers/etc. use them to make stairs more dangerous.

Man-Thong Skier Shreds Park, Crashes Beautifully

Just when I thought this video couldn’t get any more embarrassing, this guy went and crashed a backflip and totally redeemed himself! Now someone get him in a hot tub before he gets butt-cheek frost bite.

Skier: Shogo Kawano
Location: Tsugaike Ski Resort. Nagano, Japan.

Head-on GoPro Ski Jump with Anders Jacobson

Just in time for Sochi. If you’ve ever wanted to stare at someone right in the goggles as they soared through the air off a ski jump, today is your day. Anders Jacobson hung a GoPro off his helmet, facing his face, and went for a practice run. The result is this surreal video. It looks like he’s flying like a superhero.

I’ve always wondered how you learn to ski jump. I imagine it’s like when birds teach their young to fly. Someone pushes a ski jumper down the ramp. Some of them land safely. Some of them splat into the ground and then get eaten by the neighborhood cat.

Freeskiing Powder Like it’s a Terrain Park

Tim Durtschi and John Kutcher make the side-country powder at Brighton Resort into their terrain park. They launch off snow mounds, wall ride boulders and stall on trees. It looks like SO MUCH FUN. I’d take this over the park any day. For one thing, it wouldn’t hurt as much when I fell off my first jump.

Skip the first :35 to get right to the skiing.

Behind the Scenes: Ski Bridge Grind to BASE Jump

This is the kind of thing you’re only supposed to get one shot at. It’s amazing that skier Mike Wilson did a rail slide to BASE jump off a bridge. It’s even more amazing that he messed up the first go, survived and then tried again.

From Stept Production’s Mutiny.